Why You’ve Not Seen Me Here For A While

When I was a kid, I had a dream that one day my name would be on the spine of a book. It’s partly why I write in my maiden name of Fitzjohn.

I did that, back in 2013 – and wrote 3 further books after that.

I finished the Sheridan and Blake project and it was a blast. It was brutal, it was inspiring, it was exhausting, it challenged me in so many ways. What it also taught me was that I didn’t actually want to be ‘a writer’. I didn’t want being an author to be my career. I didn’t want to have to write fiction on demand. And it wasn’t going to make a living for me, especially if I didn’t have the drive and passion to make it by business and career.

I’m not wiring any new fiction at the moment.

That’s not to say I won’t in the future. I also write non-fiction regularly and no doubt i will publish more books (both fiction and non-fiction) in future. But for now, it’s not my job anymore.

I will still share writerly banter and bits and bobs on my Facebook Page.

I will still blog on my Amy Morse website.

I’m still around, but moving on with other projects…