30,000 Words In A Month – An Update

Committing to writing 1,000 words a day in Novmeber is tougher than I expected.

Day 1 was all right – I made lots of notes, allowed the ideas about what I could write flow, and I produced a blog.


Day 2 and 3 it was already falling apart.

A weekend away staying with family filled my time to the extent that I never found the space – both physically and mentally, to write.

“I’ll catch up next week,” I told myself.

Despite a quiet week for work, I only managed a few hundred words each day.

I caught up a little on Friday 9th, drafting a chunk of a plan for a short eBook on writing prompts.

Then at the weekend, I filled my time with much more interesting things – like playing computer games!

By day 11 – today – the motivation and discipline have waned and most of my writing is reflective rather than productive.


Why The Difficulty?

It is a challenge for a reason; if this came easily to me, it wouldn’t be difficult.

For someone who claims to be a writer, I don’t like writing half as much as you’d expect!


I do it because I have things to say, to express myself, to be heard and because I can.


Writing is how I process things, how I develop new ideas and how I reflect on what I’ve learned.


When I’m writing a fiction project, I liken it to having a film playing out in my head and I need to get it out and share that story with others.


Right now, I’m not sure I have much to say!

I don’t have a burning need to get anything out of my system.


I attribute my struggles to three main reasons:


1) Having a Vague Plan

I don’t have any solid plans for what I want to achieve this month by writing daily, other than just for the sake of it.

But that simply isn’t enough.

Without a single, solid, tangible outcome, my writing has been speculative, freestyle and nebulous.

Snippets and indistinct patches of words.

The one tangible outcome is to write an eBook and I now have the bones of it, thanks to my Friday catch up day.


2) Needing To Care

The hardest reasons to admit to, but I must acknowledge, is, I just don’t really care enough.

When you commit to a challenge, you need to care about achieving it.


3) Physical and Mental Space

Making the physical space to do this challenge should be straight forward with little else to work on this month, but perhaps that is the problem?

With little else to occupy me, with little other purpose, motivating myself to do anything is a challenge!

It might take 80% discipline to get something done, but the 20% motivation still needs to be there.

Not really caring, not having a plan or a passion for a project has a way of sapping that 20%.


Day 11 of my 30-day challenge and I should have written 11,000 words. The reality, I’m about half that amount.

You, Why Aren't You Writing - Finding the motivation to write


We are all our own biggest critic.

To be fair to myself during this process, I have written every day.

It may not have been the requisite word count, or as productive as I would like to report by day 11, but it’s a start!


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