A Month Of Writing

It’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)!


A Month of Writing

November is the month where people all over the world get on with that book they promised themselves they would write!

What started as a small group of friends, betting each other they couldn’t complete a book in a month, has become an international movement.

The movement has now become a fully-fledged, non-profit organisation, that provides free tools, resources and an active community to help aspiring writers to discover the transformational power of creativity for themselves.

I’ve participated in the past, while I was writing the Sheridan and Blake books.

This year, as I don’t have a novel to work on, I’m pledging to use this month to get back into the habit of writing daily.

My intention is to write 1,000 words a day – as if I were participating in NaNoWriMo – but those 1,000 words will be all kinds of writing…

  • Blog drafts
  • Capturing ideas
  • Writing up random notes from random scraps and old notebooks, then putting them into a useable context
  • Freewriting
  • Fiction ideas
  • Non-fiction book chapters

A Commitment

The important thing is that I commit to simply writing my word count every day. Like training for a marathon, in 30 short sprints!

Setting myself a challenge has worked in the past to get sh*t done!

At the end of the month, I’ll have a stockpile of words I can feast on!

I want to complete the first draught of an eBook in November. That eBook is likely to be a non-fiction eBook, as I already have a lot of content I want to compile.

Other writing I produced can be turned into short stories, or perhaps the bones of my next fiction novel will start to emerge?

The words I create are more likely to be a stream of consciousness.

Right now, it doesn’t matter, it’s about volume, then picking through the deluge late.


The Bigger Picture

Publishing more books is a key goal for my business moving forward. I want to build more of a presence as a non-fiction author. This is how I intend to grow my business, as a way to have more of a laptop lifestyle.



My first ever blog in 2013 started as a project to publish my first novel The Bronze Box.

That year, I set myself a challenge to do one thing every day towards the ultimate goal. I blogged about my seven actions once a week. That sense of responsibility to my audience was enough to hold me accountable. I’ll share my 1,000 words a day journey with you this month,  I’m declaring it to the world write here, write now!

I also hope that this will inspire other people to build healthy writing habits and find their creative Mojo, I’ll keep you updated.

My first 1,000 words is halfway there for today, by writing this blog!


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