The Writer Blog Archive

My first blog was back in 2013. I was writing The Bronze Box at the time and shared my journey weekly on a Blogger Blogspot.

That blog then became the blog attached to my Amy C Fitzjohn website.

are you a writer

Now I’ve started this new blog, I’ve recycled that old blog once more as a Travel Blog.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

I wanted to share some of my favourite writer blogs from that archive:


  • A Phone Moan Poem – the first poem I’ve written since my teenage years, this was a stylised rant about the pervasive nature of phones in today’s world:  Phone Moan Poem


  • The Emptiness of His Absence – I read aloud at a writer’s event and recorded the chapter I read out, to practice reading it, and to share it as an audio short story. Listen HERE