Meet Amy

Ever since I could string a sentence together I’ve been writing.


I write fiction as Amy C Fitzjohn, my maiden name (married name: Amy Morse).


I do this as my way of keeping this unusual family name alive.


My dad has been tracing our family tree for more than 40 years. It also has the added advantage in the 21st century of being unusual enough that I’m pretty unique in Google searches.


It was only when we moved to Bulgaria in 2008 that I finally found the time, energy and inspiration to resume writing novel length fiction.

I wrote three novels before I learnt how to write a novel and it was the fourth novel, The Bronze Box, that I eventually published in 2013 - ticking something off my bucket list.

The Bronze Box was the first book in the Sheridan and Blake Adventure Series and since its early success I’ve continued to write.

I have now built a business around my books, combining my day job as a professional trainer and business coach with writing to help businesses be better at writing and writers to be better at business.


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