The Sheridan And Blake Series


Bristol based archaeologist, Dr Sasha Blake is recruited by a covert organisation, specialising in the repatriation of stolen antiquities from the black market - The Agency.


Partnered with Tom Sheridan, a man from her past, they must deal with their tumultuous relationship and learn to trust each other.


Together, Sheridan and Blake, embark on an increasingly hostile mission to locate a stolen artefact - a mysterious Bronze Box, the keys to the box and an ancient manuscript needed to open it.


In this international conspiracy that spans the ages, told over four books, they must find the artefacts before a ruthless criminal, known only as The Libyan.

Book 1: The Bronze Box


Byzantium, 350BC: A philosopher hides an ancient and dangerous bronze box.


Varna, 1998: An artefact goes missing from a dig site and the suspect is killed in a car accident.


The Present: Archaeologist, Sasha Blake, is recruited by a covert organisation, The Agency, to find the bronze box. Partnered with a man from her past, Tom Sheridan, they begin to uncover a conspiracy and an ancient brotherhood.


Swept into a deadly game of cat and mouse - Can Sheridan and Blake find the box before a group of terrorists?


"For a début novel, this was a huge achievement. I’d recommend this to anyone ... looking for a new name in high-octane thrillers'"

- Bookmuse

Book 2: Solomon's Secrets


Dunhaung, China 1908: An archaeologist discovers an ancient temple, but the legendary library rumoured to be at its heart is what he really wants to find.


The present: Archaeologist, Dr Sasha Blake has been studying a replica of the manuscript.


Offered sponsorship by a wealthy silk trader, Jon Solomon, she is desperate to locate the original and four powerful rings that accompany it.


But her investor is hiding terrible secrets.


As Sasha begins to realise the truth about Solomon she becomes the bait in a web of conspiracy set up by The Agency, and Agent Tom Sheridan is her only ally.


Can Sheridan and Blake find the manuscript in time to stop Solomon, or are they about to fall into his trap?

Book 3: Gabriel's Game - Part 1 - The White Queen


Bristol, 1205: A Templar Knight returns from the crusades seeking forgiveness. He failed to retrieve a sacred manuscript from the

Library of Constantinople.


The Present: Archaeologist, Dr Sasha Blake is being hunted by an unseen enemy. Her only chance is to locate an ancient manuscript

and trade it for her life.


Tom Sheridan is at her side, but is he really being hunted or is he one of the hunters?


They are offered shelter and assistance by a wealthy businessman, Gabriel Fletcher.


Can Gabriel be trusted or is he playing games with her?

Book 4: Gabriel's Game - Part 2 - The Black Knight


Moscow 1934: An urban archaeologist obsessed with locating the lost library of Ivan the Terrible makes an unexpected breakthrough.


The Present: Suffering from survivours guilt, Dr Sasha Blake's world has fallen apart.


Desperate to solve the mystery of the Democritus manuscript and the bronze box that has driven her to the edge of self-destruction, her quest takes her to war torn Ukraine.


When ghosts from her past come back to haunt her, will saving another, give her the strength to save herself?


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